donald peyton injustice
Donald Peyton - Injustice to homeowners
Donald Peyton

attorney at law
and the HOA clients he has.
Injustice to homeowners
donald peyton injustice
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Do you know of Donald Peyton attorney at law DONALD R. PEYTON. FL Bar # 516619; SPN 63606. Peyton Law Finn, P.A..
7317 Little Road. New Port Richey, FL 34654.

Why he still has a license to practice law I do not know!
Don't believe me? Watch the videos below.
Beacon Woods East Homeowners Association and their attorney,
Donald Peyton out of control

Supreme Court suspends Pasco attorney for 90 days
Or should it really mean vacation?
Attorney Donald Ray Peyton has been suspended for 90 days by the Supreme Court
following an investigation by the Florida Bar that began in 2009.
He is also ordered to reimburse the Bar for $1,510 in investigative costs.

Read full article from St Pete Time

Click on link below for more Information about Beacon Woods East HOA Losing Case
Beacon Woods East Homeowners Association
They Lost and had to pay our legal fees - over $16,000.00 Plus
How much money from the residents did they spend?

Part 2

Special thanks to News Reporter Peter Linton-Smith Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Do you feel like you have been a victim of one of his lawsuits by either him or one of his clients? Like the family below.

I believe the Gourlay family was. Check this site out click here

Imagine caring for five foster children, and then have an attorney who lives in the same community as you, files a law suit against you.

The family is 'making a business of taking in foster children,' Peyton said. `I understand they aren't doing it for free or out of love, that it's a business.'
As reported by

"... they still are receiving some remuneration for it," he said. As reported by

What type of a person can make that kind of a statement. You guessed it, only an attorney, one which I think should not allowed to operate as an attorney.

Not only does it appear that he does not have any respect for hardworking homeowners it appears he has no respect for the Florida Attorney General's Office

See this article where Association attorney Donald Peyton responded with a letter dated Oct. 14 in which he questioned the "legal authority" of the Attorney General's Office to demand the records. See Article

Donald Peyton on behalf of homeowners associations throughout Pasco County and other County's has been filing what I believe are frivolous lawsuits against honest hard working families and property owners for years. His attitude has been, even when there is serious allegations made concerning a homeowners association right to enforce anything he states, and I quote him " unless a judge decides contrary to my position, I recommend you continue to operate accordingly." In my opinion this is an arrogant and egotistical person. This is a person that does not serve the community well. When Donald Peyton gets involved it seems that all he is doing is creating work so that he can make money for himself by pitting homeowner against homeowner. If you feel that you have been a victim of a lawsuit filed by Donald Peyton on behalf of a Homeowners Association, please fill out the form to the right so that we can work together as fair, honest, hard working citizens to stop his insane frivolous practices.


Problems in Beacon Woods
Problems in Deer Park
Problems in Forest Lakes Estates

Example of LAWSUIT


Plaintiff,  -vs-



Case No. 51-2004-CC 1480-WS-U

See Lawsuit filed by Donald Peyton on behalf of his client

Our mission is to post in our opinion every frivolous lawsuit Homeowners Assocciations and their attorney's
like Donald Peyton has filed against homeowners in Florida.

I also suggest that you check out CYBER CITIZENS FOR JUSTICE, INC.

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